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  • Omega's History

    Omega's History

    Swiss luxury watchmaker, Omega SA is based in Biel, Switzerland. They were the official watch for Britain’s Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and the first watch on the moon in 1969 thanks to NASA. Omega has also been keeping track of time for the Olympic Games since 1932. James Bond also wore this watch since 1995. John F. Kennedy, Price William and Buss Aldrin have all been seen in Omega watches. Omega is owned by Swatch Group.

    Omega has a long history. Second in line, the La Generale Watch Co. was founded by Louis Brandt in 1848. Brandt assembled perfect pocket watches from supplies he found at local craftsman. He jumped around the world selling his watches, England being his primary market. His sons developed an in-house manufacturing and production...

  • Looking for a nice leather crocodile embossed watch strap at a great value?

    When it comes to buying a new leather watch strap for your watch – regardless of the type of watch you have, Rolex or a Timex, there are many places to purchase leather watch straps on the open market – countless destinations and options.
    How to decide based on the information shown. Here is a simple breakdown of how to narrow it down to hopefully find a better value. Lets assume you visit a store with somewhat of a good reliable reputation.
    Feedback and testimonials are important but not the end all to go by. One thing to search by is price category – $10-$ 25, $50-$100, etc... narrow it down, say you are...
  • The differences between the RAF and the NATO straps

    What is the Difference between a RAF strap and a Nato Strap? First to answer that question we should look at what the acronym RAF and Nato stand for. These types of Nato and RAF straps were originally developed by the Ministry of Defense in Britain for the military forces. The MOD or Ministry of Defenses set guidelines for their suppliers to produce nylon straps to create a fair product comparison between the suppliers. The term NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Orginization, while RAF stands for Royal Air Force. NATO and RAF StrapThe MOD felt that the RAF strap should be able to simply slide around the watch spring bars and hug the watch case. The RAF Strap is a long...
  • James Bond's Nato Strap / Rolex combo worn by Sean Connery

    When it comes to James Bond, we happen to be huge fans! The James Bond fans here at LUX know their Bond watch history back and fourth. Obviously, James's Time pieces have changed quite a bit over the last twenty four movies. In the Premiere to the series, Dr. NO, James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a Rolex Submariner, believed to be the Reference Number 6538. Starting with the timeless luxury of Rolex, and what better Rolex to wear then the Rolex Submariner! James Bond decided to wear his Rolex Submariner, with a now infamous Nato Strap. Ironically that Nato Strap color combonatoin has become an icon in the watch world. It is even known as the James Bond Nato by the Rolex and watch community! In all reality, Mr. Bond...
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