James Bond's Nato Strap / Rolex combo worn by Sean Connery

James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a Rolex

When it comes to James Bond, we happen to be huge fans! The James Bond fans here at LUX know their Bond watch history back and fourth. Obviously, James's Time pieces have changed quite a bit over the last twenty four movies. In the Premiere to the series, Dr. NO, James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a Rolex Submariner, believed to be the Reference Number 6538.

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Nato straps

Starting with the timeless luxury of Rolex, and what better Rolex to wear than the Rolex Submariner! James Bond decided to wear his Rolex Submariner, with a now infamous NATO Strap. Ironically the NATO Strap color combination has become an icon in the watch world. It is even known as the James Bond NATO by the Rolex and watch community! In all reality, Mr. Bond and the producers of the James Bond Movie series had no idea that this look would have taken off the way it did. Supposedly, Rolex would not lend the producers of the movie a Rolex. Instead, the director actually loaned his Rolex Submariner to Sean Connery for the filming of the movie.


The director of Goldfinger also felt that James Bond would wear the watch with a nylon NATO strap, instead of the stainless steel bracelet it came with. With hindsight always being 20/20 Rolex had no clue that this spy movie series, James Bond, would make them completely infamous. Also, there has been much debate about the color of the Nato pattern. Some have said that it was a simple Black and Grey combination, while others have said that it was a combination of 9 stripes in Navy Blue, Olive, and Burgundy.

We have discussed this with our manufacturer, Phoenix Straps, LTD out of the United Kingdom. They have offered us multiple options that we are either carrying now or will carry in the future when it comes to NATO straps for James Bond lovers!

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