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Grand Prix  Rally Watch Straps and Mercedez benz Car

 LUX WATCH STRAPS is owned by people with a true appreciation for fine watches and straps. We love everything we do on a daily basis. When we say we know the watch strap market, we mean it.

@LUXWATCHSTRAPS enjoys helping you customize your Watch with different styles.

LUX WATCH STRAPS helps the "RMI Hope for Kidz" foundation and every time a customer buys a strap, they are doing their bit to help these children in Haiti to collaborate in their education.


I am a young visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit. Having lived in a multitude of countries with diverse cultures has helped me see life from a different set of eyes than my own.

I am in involved the business world daily, which makes my image very important to me. When doing business you always want to look your best. Being a watch guy, I started buying watches of all types, from Seiko to Rolex to match my outfit in all occasions.

It gives the opportunity to meet the founders of LUX Watch Straps and that is how the idea of entrepreneurship emerged in the luxury watch straps. I wanted to be able to customize my watches to adapt them to my different daily activities and make my doll stand out from the rest.

I started buying high-quality watch straps from England, including NATO, leather, and rubber. Then I expanded to Italy and the United States.

Luxury car and Watch Straps - Mercedez Benz

 LUX Watch Straps offers a watch strap/band for every type of watch for any occasion. I customize my watch daily, from a leather band such as the Grand Prix Rally for a business meeting all the way to a rubber strap to go swimming, and a NATO strap for a weekend at the lake.

I always make sure my watch strap matches my shoes and belt. Whatever your lifestyle is, we have a strap for you! I want my customers to look their absolute best for all occasions. That was my inspiration.


I define myself as a proactive, motivated, organized, enterprising and visionary woman. I have excellent management and communication skills. I have experience as a fashion designer and entrepreneur in multicultural environments.

My vision to advance and innovate comes from years of living in different countries and seeing how trade has become global. A new form of sales was born and it is a different world, online commerce emerged with new strategies and I am very passionate about this.

Immersed in the world of fashion and accessories entrepreneurship, talking with Daniel, a young visionary, entrepreneur and in love with his watches and his idea of customizing them, motivates me to bring others to his LUX WATCH STRAPS business.

The idea of “personalizing your watch” without leaving your home and the offer that others like you can have it with just a click on a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Your new unisex watches strap will arrive. A luxury, high-quality product, exclusive, that combines for every occasion will be in the mailbox at your house, I fell in love with the idea.

Our clients are amazing and believe in Us!

-Really nice watch band, exactly what was needed Thank you!

-Great product, Quick shipment, Thank you!

-Nice strap for the money! Quick and easy transaction, would not hesitate to do business again!

Why do watches have two watch straps? high-quality watch straps for my Rolex

Story: "The founders of LUX WATCH STRAPS are a group of successful entrepreneurs and watch connoisseurs. Michael DiMartini. Everest Band.

They are watch collectors with years of experience. They made it a point to visit the companies where the straps are made to get a first-hand view of the detailed production facilities. Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and the United States as well.

Through that experience, they discovered who makes quality straps and who to avoid. Your mistakes are a real benefit to you, our customer. So feel free to take advantage of their experience and knowledge with the watch strap product.

All of their straps have been tested using them first and if you're on our site, it's because they stand behind it 100% and we're sure you'll enjoy it. If not, please send it back and we will use the watch strap.

They said this: “Are we the biggest watch strap dealer? - No! Are we the oldest watch strap dealer? - No! Are we the cheapest watch strap dealer? - No! Exceptional Products at Competitive Prices with Tremendous Customer Service & Fast Shipping - Absolutely Yes! Our 100% customer feedback not only proves it, our customers keep coming back to buy again and again, and that's how we know we're doing it. something good".

And that's how they started selling watch straps. Buy with confidence, you are in the right place to find the right watch strap. Thank you in advance for your trust. 

Daniel & Marianela