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Bonetto Cinturini specializes in the development and production of high quality rubber watch straps. With 30 years of experience has allowed them to hone their knowledge of the materials, mixtures, design and techniques needed for rubber straps.
The collection includes a variety of watch straps and bracelets, available in a wide range of measurements and colors. Each piece is defined by its original design and attention to detail in order to fulfil the varied demands of the market. In addition to their standard collection, Bonetto Cinturini also offers personalized watch straps, faithfully following the requests of our customers; 
Bonetto Cinturini makes rubber straps in Italy for countless Swiss brands. Some of the highest end watches in the world rely on Bonetto to create them what many say is quintessential rubber watch strap. 

Their ongoing technical research allows Bonetto Cinturini, today, to offer a product made with the highest quality rubber. Bonetto Cinturini's rubber reflects the high standards crucial to the watch making market, with its resistance to salt water environments and ultra-violet rays, and its long-lasting durability.

Enjoy and check: Bonetto Cinturini   Classic Italian Rubber!