Looking for a nice leather crocodile embossed watch strap at a great value?

When it comes to buying a new leather watch strap for your watch – regardless of the type of watch you have, Rolex or a Timex, there are many places to purchase leather watch straps on the open market – countless destinations and options.
How to decide based on the information shown. Here is a simple breakdown of how to narrow it down to hopefully find a better value. Lets assume you visit a store with somewhat of a good reliable reputation.
Feedback and testimonials are important but not the end all to go by. One thing to search by is price category – $10-$ 25, $50-$100, etc... narrow it down, say you are just looking for a nice strap to enhance your timepiece with out breaking the bank and don't feel the need to go over board , so you opt for the lower $ end - here's what to look for.
Good pictures really help! Not just one photo of a top view, look for good close ups where the photographer has taken the time to present several angles for your viewing and evaluating the decision. Which means they were not afraid to show you all they could under a full disclosure type of pic. Not only is the top of the strap important but what's underneath is also just as important.
The stitching is important, does it look like quality machine stitching. Does it have a polished stainless steel buckle? Is it a 3-5mm thickness. Does it come with any extras like free shipping? Do they provide free spring bars. Look for a total package.
Look to see if it's sealed with no gaps showing, possibly glued and stitched both. Don't forget this is about finding a good looking watch strap at a bargain, meaning, this is for a lower price range category of leather “crocodile look” in a strap. This doesn't mean find the most cheaply made one to match the price. Similar to buying a bottle of Cabernet wine. You can find plenty of good drinkable California wines for under $15 vs: spending $35 - if you just know what to look for after doing a little homework.
One leather strap that meets the “great looking for the money” category for around the $15 mark is the CE-260 from Lux Watch Straps. A very nicely made genuine leather Brown Crocodile Embossed Watch strap.
This one has to be one of the best available for the money on the market in the bargain category.
You can certainly spend more, in fact, you can spend ten times the amount, but no need. At least not for this one- it's an “embossed croc print”. “Faux” as in.....” not genuine croc”.
How ever it's made extremely well for the money. Soft tan underside makes for a very comfortable feel when worn. Nice stitching and gluing and a (stitched keeper ) and the best part - it's “Genuine Leather”.
It has a very rich deep dark brown that is sure to enhance any watch you put it on. When compared to a number of similar watch bands on the market costing twice or three times, this one beet the scratch and sniff process hands down. We think you'll enjoy this one!
Written By: Michael DiMartini
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