• How to install a NATO strap on your watch

    How to install a NATO strap on your watch

    One of the most common requests that we have is an article about how to install a NATO nylon watch strap. First, you will need to remove your current watch strap or watch bracelet before you can install a new NATO strap that you have purchased from LUX. If need...

  • Bonetto Cinturini

    Bonetto Cinturini | The Italian Rubber watch strap manufacturer

    At LUX we love watches! We know one thing that allows you to give your watch a new lease on life is a new watch strap.

    The look of black rubber is one of the great game changers to make your watch look brand new. We decided to travel to...

  • Omega's History

    Omega's History

    Swiss luxury watchmaker, Omega SA is based in Biel, Switzerland. They were the official watch for Britain’s Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and the first watch on the moon in 1969 thanks to NASA.

    Omega has also been keeping track of time for the Olympic Games since 1932. James Bond...

  • Looking for a nice leather crocodile embossed watch strap at a great value?

    When it comes to buying a new leather watch strap for your watch – regardless of the type of watch you have, Rolex or a Timex, there are many places to purchase leather watch straps on the open...
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