Your next Leather watch strap, with LUX's help!

The leather watch band is something that has been around for around a hundred years. It is believed that the leather watch band was first used by the soldiers in the trenches in World War II.

The soldiers would attach a leather strap to their pocket watch so that they would always have access to the time. Later, it was considered very feminine to wear a wristwatch. Watches were very dainty and pocket watches were all of the rages until companies like Rolex, came out with gorgeous masculine watches, made with leather watch straps.

Today, the leather watch strap industry is enormous. Your options are almost endless and include, calf leather, alligator and other reptile leathers, ostrich leather, and even imitation leather. 

Many leather watch band manufacturers refer to these "skins" as their bread and butter. LUX is partnering with many European, American and even Asian watch strap manufacturers to create a group of leather watch straps for your needs. Hirsch, being one of the largest and well known strap manufacturers, has focused their expertise on leather straps. Their luxury options are fairly priced and are manufactured to a higher standard.

Additionally, Hadley Roma creates many of their watch straps in America. Specifically, Hadley Roma has leather watch band factories in Florida, so they have access to fine leather skins such as crocodile, alligator and other reptile skins.

With LUX Watch Straps you have options under $20 and as high as $150.00. Your timepiece matters to us, so if you are purchasing a leather watch band for a Rolex, Omega, Tissot or Casio, you will always receive the highest level of customer service and speedy delivery of your leather watch bands and other watch necessities.

LUX Grand Prix Rally Genuine Calf Leather Vintage Strap Tan with Tan Stitching,This well-crafted Calfskin leather Grand Prix Rally Strap was designed for the racing enthusiast market place.

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