Swiss watch industry and it's many options

Swiss scene The history of Swiss Watches goes back to the 1700's and contains a long and cherished lineage of some of the most incredible watches ever designed. Swiss Watches are meticulous, fashion forward and accurate beyond belief. Lets face it the Swiss Watch makers just do it better. And for a number of good reasons. Some of the original makers to note are Vacheron Constantine,Patek Phillipe,Jager LeCoultre to name a few. The list is quite endless. Some are so eccentric and cost prohibitive that the regular working man would never earn enough in a lifetime to afford one. Rolex, Omega, Hublot, etc all start over the two thousand dollar mark and most exceed six thousand dollars. However there are some that are very affordable to the common man. Tissot, Zodiac, etc can be found for under one thousand dollars easily. You need not own large tracks of real-estate to where a fine Swiss timepiece, just have a decent job and a sense for the better things in life. swiss watch makerThe current largest Swiss Watch Company in the world is Swatch Group, located in GenevaSwitzerland. Some of their line include, Breguet, Harry Winston, Glashütte Original, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Le'on Hatot, Tiffany & Company, Omega, just to literally name a few. When it comes to a Swiss Watch, more than likely it is manufactured by a fine Swiss Watch maker that is owned by Swatch Group. There was a recent world renown watch show and conference held in BaselSwitzerland. It is by far the largest watch show in the world where all of the players in the world of Swiss watches go to exhibit their wares. Not only Swiss but all sorts of watch manufactures over the entire world, Europe, Asia alike. What would you like to spend on a watch, $3000,$10,000- $100,000 or lets say you have no budget and money is no object, perhaps a fine Vacheron Constantine from a hundred years ago at a mere 2 million. Why do people prefer a Swiss Watch? Probably for the same reason some people prefer Ben And Jerry's ice cream. Lots of choices, well made with tender loving care with insane attestation to detail. If you own a Swiss Watch or any nice watch and are in the market to replace your old band it with a new band - please check out for a few exceptional choices that are budget friendly even for the eccentric with a multitude of choices! A Swiss watch is not made whole until you have tried it with a few new looks from us!