Bonetto Cinturini's Classic Rubber Dive Watch Strap - a Perfect Replacement Band

The Bonetto Cinturini Model 281 has dazzled watch band enthusiasts for years. Although not a new release, actually an old favorite indicative of great lines of abstract art which is home to the Bonetto family’s rich rubber dive band manufacturing history.

Bonetto-Cinturini- 81-Italian-Rubber

Few have left a mark on the industry quite like Bonetto Cinturini’s 281 dive strap. If it looks similar to something you’ve seen before it’s for good reason, it has been faithfully copied and reproduced by a myriad of Johnny come lately’s. This replacement rubber dive strap was a labor of love from a long time ago but never forgotten. And still remains hugely popular and has been from the very moment of conception.


This rubber strap is as genius as a re-breather. To the average watch band enthusiast it might appear that Bonetto Cinturini is just another rubber watch strap manufacturer. Not realizing that they are well staffed with artisans in a tiny factory tucked away in the Italian hillsides with roots reaching back 3 decades. They’re a legend in perfecting the replacement rubber dive strap and are responsible for maintaining the utmost stringent attention to detail that only comes from skill, passion and knowledge.


Again the artistic minds at Bonetto never disappoint because they have a flair for design creativity from what is certainly a labor of love that shows in all of their rubber dive straps. However one look at 281 and one could argue the specific design features of this replacement dive band with concentric circles give a mathematical look to some degree ,subtle raised o rings and lines that criss cross inadvertently creates triangles that lends to abstract art. Get acquainted with this rubber strap and 281 to your collection and it’s bound to be one of your favorites – never mind if it will fit it has 15 sizing slots to accommodate all. Own it today!

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