How To Change Your Watch Strap and How to measure it

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Why do watches have two watch straps? 

Having problems measuring lug width or deciding which width is right for your watch? Read below to help you to determine what lug width your watch is.

 “Step 1”

Remove the strap from your watch. You can remove the strap from one side or from both. You will need a spring bar tool like the one pictures below.

Alligator Grain Calfskin Leather watch straps

Insert the spring bar tool under the leather or against the metal to push the spring bar.

change the watch straps

Once one side is undone the other side will pop out instantly.

black alligator watch straps bands

“Step 2”

You will need a ruler with millimeters on it for this step. Start by laying your watch down on a flat surface on top of the ruler. You want the inside of the left lug to start at zero, and then read the measurement to the inside of the right lug. If your watch measures 20 ½ mm, then you will always round down to the nearest whole number. So in this example, you will choose 20mm as your lug width. If you had a width of 18 ½ mm, you would choose an 18mm lug width.


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Make sure you insert the springs back in the respective holes when putting on the new strap.

Disclosure: Some Rolex and other luxury brands use odd number spring bars for 13,15,17,19,21 mm. We also sell these.


sizes to change your watch straps

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