LUX's Review of the Bonetto Cinturini Model 324

If you want a sophisticated brut of a natural rubber dive watch strap then behold one of  Bonetto Cinturini’s best cutting edge designs ever. This model 324 divers strap says bold, shrewd, keen, calculating and above all, ballistic. The carbon fiber woven look gives the watch an entirely different appearance but still remains comfortable due to natural rubber. The lines and subtle edges allow the watch to be the focus but rubber strap tapers beautifully off the watch around the wrist. The 316 stainless steel tang buckle is not your typical run of the mill.  Bonetto didn’t cut corners on the design features of the dive strap nor did they on the buckle. Well made with 45 degree angles with a beautiful finish and fully adjustable to size. Admittedly this rubber dive strap (the 324 model) is a bit more stout than many of the other divers straps offered by Bonetto and many on the market for that matter. But then again Bonetto Cinturini could justifiably be very boastful of the manufacturing process of not only this dive strap quality but of all their bands. Let’s be honest, when it comes to diver’s straps Bonetto sets the standard and dominates, which may sound boastful – but the truth is the truth and not all rubber watch straps are made with near the time consuming process. This carbon fiber look is simply gorgeous.A quick Google search will provide that info for anyone wishing to learn more and will reveal that Bonetto Cinturini’s line of products in the rubber strap market undoubtedly offers the biggest bang for the buck period. And all that translates into one simple word. Value. LUX Love's the Bonetto Cinturini 324!