Suggestions on watch strap options for your special time piece - be it a Rolex or a Panerai !

When it comes to choices for a new watch strap - there are many options to choose from . If you're looking for the latest in watch fashion- rubber band options are the in thing.  There are a number of accessories from rubber watch bands to Nylon NATO Bands , not to mention custom leather straps. You might want to convert your vintage watch handed down from your grandfather to a more modern look. Perhaps a hand made leather strap from Hirsch, or a nice rubber replacement band from Benetto ,made in Italy. Either is a good start.  The watch you wear has several options.  Abandon caution and choose a few - Life's about variety. Enjoy!
rolex daytona nato strap
Maybe you just purchased a nice new Rolex a year or two ago and have recently noticed a lot of other manufacture's offering rubber straps that are attracting a lot of attention. For instance Hublot recently introduced the world's first Carbon Fiber Cathedral Watch, this watch is so off the chain and exudes such technology and elegance that it baffles the watch world. Take the time to check it out, notice the leather rubber strap which is on several of it's models. These fine time pieces cost in excess of $30,000 but yet some of them have a beautiful rubber strap. Since we're talking about new high-tech designs- how about Hublot's F1 King Power - race inspired from Formula 1. Get a load of this thing- the bezel is ceramic designed to look like a brake disc from Formula 1. Yet again it has a fantastic nylon rubber combination band. Ingenious! To say the least. So needles to say- you don't have to own a $30,000 or $40,000 watch to get a great looking rubber watch strap.
If you are looking for a fresh change whether it's a hand made leather band or Nato Nylon Band or a Rubber watch strap. There are a number of options at your finger tips, just start typing. One provider of stylish and affordable bands is Everest Horology Group, search out and you'll find numerous designs that will accommodate many different watch styles and preferences. Mainly favoring the Rolex sport line, such as the Submariner or the Yacht Master or the GMT. But you'll have to see for yourself. Another one of the more interesting band looks is the Nato or "Bond" inspired look. Extremely popular in the Uk and has finally worked it's way across the pond. Nato's offer a tremendous look from Grey or Black to bold Naval color stripe. All are remarkably affordable considering the watch they will be on.
Everest Orange Strap
When it comes to replacement watch straps there are just no more shortages........................ Consider the rubber bands and the creative color's available. Red-Black-Blue-White-Green and so on. Live a little and splurge on a couple different ones. I know I have. I still enjoy getting a new replacement strap in the mail like a kid waiting for his Sea Monkeys he bought from the back of the magazine to arrive. Don't try and say you didn't order some. We all did. I hope I wasn't the only one. Leather bands offer a great inexpensive look as well. Croc or Alligator. For instance the incredible Ulysse Nardin Classico Enamel Champleve' Dragon. This watch is so intricate with the lost art of enameling which is probably the reason no one has done it since the 50's. However it comes adorned with a simple yet elegant Croc Band. If you ask me - of all the watches available today for the money, I still think the Submariner has to be one of the most versatile in looks and prestige with good ole fashion Swiss attention to reliable accuracy and engineering and allows you to have several band options from Rubber to Nylon to custom Leather. You pick - there are so many options. You'll be like a kid in a candy store again. Enjoy! Go for the Blue Band.