Nato Straps| Not all are created equally - The Phoenix Nylon Nato Strap from the United Kingdom is Superior to all others

Nylon watch strapsIn our experience, it is hard to tell the difference in quality between two seemingly similar products from pictures on the internet and what you actually get. For example, the Phoenix Nato Straps made in the United Kingdom or the low quality Chinese "knock-off" versions for about 30% less.

For starters, the Phoenix Straps are made of the highest quality Nylon materials available. The nylon strap fabric is actually made in the United Kingdom and the stainless hardware is made in either Germany or Switzerland. Making a product in the United Kingdom puts stringent quality requirements on the maker, that the Chinese do not have whatsoever.

Nylon watch straps

It is the same reason why most Swiss and European watch makers use Phoenix for their nato nylon style straps. Such high-end watch makers, as the famed Rolex modifiers in London, swear only by the Phoenix Strap Products lines.d sell, are of the same Swiss standards. We know it is easy to choose a $8, $9 or $10 strap thinking that it is worth that price. We understand that, so we deliver the Phoenix Nato Strap at the lowest cost we can, between $15.95-$17.95 .

In the end you are spending a few extra dollars on the better Phoenix Nato Strap, to save yourself the disappointment of the cheap Nato straps from China. We offer a wide selection of Nato straps, that fit quite a few watches.

As we all know quality always costs a few extra dollars, but in this situation it saves you the disappointment of purchasing a Nato Strap twice! 

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