N.A.T.O. Watch Straps Are The New Trend

Nylon Watch strap 

If you don’t know about the NATO strap yet, you will after this short read. Whether you are just getting into watches with a 25-dollar watch or have invested great amounts of money into a Rolex or Tudor, the NATO is a classic and yet durable watch strap choice. 

NATO straps started with the British military sometime during the cold war. They were originally made specifically for the troops and are named after the NATO Stocking Number or NSN. Originally the NATO strap was only issued in “Admiralty Grey” and only came in 20mm. It also had a chrome-plated brass buckle and keepers.

The extra nylon watch strap attached to the buckle was defiantly military standard, as it had to be fail-proof.

Not much has really changed with this well-made strap since 1973 minus a few slight modifications such as more colors or sizes. However, the most famous NATO of all is the reason many watch enthusiasts have named the strap as the “Bond NATO”.

Sean Connery’s famous glance at his 6538 Submariner in Gold Finger showed the famous strap that is a navy blue color with red and green stripes. It’s truly a timeless classic.

Even though James Bond wore the NATO, it would be years before the nylon strap industry would come to the light. Watchmakers have added a NATO strap to a regular watch purchase. From a marketing stand point, this is great for NATO.

From the colors, sizes, and great quality, the N.A.T.O makes for an excellent choice of watch strap history.  

You can learn how to install your NATO strap here.

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