Genuine Bergeon 6111 Spring Bar Tool - Removes Watch Pins


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Bergeon spring bar tools

 The 6111 model is made in Switzerland.

Are one of the best spring bar tools available. Perfect for removing spring bars from any watch!

Measures 137mm long and 7mm diameter. One end of tool has a reversible tip, it has a small forked end which is perfect for removing watch pins and spring bars. 

The larger forked end which is spatula shaped is perfect for divers style bands with large cases as it gives you extra leverage for thicker sized spring bar.

This is a very well made spring bar tool absolutely worthy of the money invested. This tool will last a very long time. We use it at LUX everyday. It will not disappoint.

  • One doubled ended tip: one side forked, the other pointed
  • One single ended tip: forked and slightly curved for use on larger or heavier watch bands
  • Forked tips measure 1.20 and 4.0mm, Pointed tip measures 0.80mm
  • Tool is nickel plated and made in Switzerland
    • 4mm angled fork 
    • Tool with reversible point and spatula-shaped fork
    • Nickel plated
    • Knurled handle 
    • Gripping with chuck
    • Length: 140 mm
    • Pin 0.80mm & Fork 1mm

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