Bonetto Cinturini Model 317 - Classic Italian Rubber!

Many great watch makers today are using Bonetto Cinturini for their amazing rubber straps. Countless Swiss manufacturers already use the Rubber strap manufacturer Bonetto Cinturini for all of their rubber strap needs. One of the more common, but absolutely gorgeous straps is the Bonetto Cinturini Model 317.

This classic rubber strap, with a 1.8 mm spring bar hole is used or copied by countless watch makers. It is popular due to its simple look that does not take away from the watch whatsoever. One of the great things about this and all Bonetto Cinturini straps is that they do not use any sort of Silicone.

Their rubber watch straps are soft to the touch, do not collect link whatsoever and are extremely durable. The Bonetto Cinturini Model 317 comes in two sizes, 22mm wide and 24 mm wide at the lug. On the 24 mm wide version it tapers down to a 22mm size buckle.

The 22mm wide version of the Bonetto Cinturini 317 stays 22mm all of the ways to the end. Also, the Spring bar side has a bulbous end to ensure its strength and years of abuse.

The top side of the Bonetto Cinturini 317 has a smooth center but has a camphor edge. Some call this a three-dimensional pattern. The 317 is very similar to the 306 models that we also carry. Obviously, the 20mm size is one of the major differences, but the one particular unique feather of the 317 over the 306 looks is a square end on the tongue side. The 306 has a pointed end, which is somewhat of a more traditional leather strap look.


The Bonetto Cinturini 317 is an excellent "one size fits all" rubber straps.  Many NBR rubber straps are too short. The Bonetto Cinturini 317 is 133mm long on the tongue length and 73 mm from the edge to where the buckle starts to the edge of the lug.

This large length adds a huge plus in our book. Especially when comparing it to many of the short straps for Panerai watches or Bell & Ross watches.


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