The Tudor Pelagos - the new iconic watch

Tudor Pelagos first surfaced in March of 2012

Today we see countless attempts to redo the "diver's watch."

There are carbon copies of the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster everywhere. These two iconic watches are also plastered on every billboard and page of every luxury magazine out there today.

The "homage" of each watch ranges from $50.00 to $2000.00, with little to no difference in exterior finish and look. But, every once in a while we see a watch that is entirely different and breaks the mold of these two diver's watches.



Most recently we found one watch to take both technology and design to a whole new level, the Tudor Pelagos. The Tudor Pelagos first surfaced in March of 2012 at Basel world, the famous watch tradeshow in Basel, Switzerland.

Rolex actually owns Tudor, and as of late, Tudor has become a testbed for Rolex designs. Tudor for countless years was considered the ugly duckling of Rolex, with little press and was somewhat looked down on.

Rolex pulled Tudor from many countries including the US, many years ago due to slow sales. With the Pelagos and the BlackBay models, Tudor has become a fresh face again and quite desired by the watch community.


Tudor became available this past fall in the US again causing quite a bit of excitement. The Tudor Pelagos is a very good Dive Watch. The Pelagos itself is not just another pretty face. The watch boasts a 42mm titanium case with a helium release valve with an entire brushed finish.

A very uncommon sized case and material for Rolex or Tudor. As a matter of fact, this is Rolex's first use of titanium as a watch material. Additionally, the Pelagos's bezel is made out of a ceramic material, which is not new for Rolex/Tudor, but what is new is the luminous numerals on the dial.

These luminous numbers are something that neither Rolex nor Tudor has tried. The most popular feature that we are interested in is the bracelet and clasp.

The clasp has a remarkable feature that allows the bracelet to expand without any adjustment or fussing. Supposedly this feature makes Tudor watch incredibly comfortable.



This Tudor has become an iconic watch in itself. If you own a Pelagos or another watch with a 22mm wide lug width we here at LUX have quite a few options for you to choose from.

We suspect that you will find our Rubber and Leather options to truly impress you and give your Tudor or other watches a whole new look.

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