Travel Sized Spring Bar Tool


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  • Travel Sized Spring Bar Tool
  • Travel Sized Spring Bar Tool
  • Travel Sized Spring Bar Tool
This wonderful travel sized Spring Bar / Pin removal tool is ideal for keeping in your suitcase, office or workshop for use when you change your strap or buckle on the road, at work or while traveling. The tool is made of plastic/rubber and comes with two steel ends, one forked end for spring bar removal and a plain end for pin removal, these tips are NOT removable.
  • Spring Bar Tool for Watches – has two design features.
  • Great For removing, installing and adjusting watch straps
  • One side of the tool is used for removing/installing spring bars – other side is for micro hole adjustments
  • Can be used to install steel, NATO, rubber, and leather watch straps!
  • Ø0.80 pin
  • 1.80mm wide fork
  • Plastic grip
  • Length 65mm
  • Travel Sized

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