Spring Bar Tool - Removes Watch Pins


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 Removes Watch Pins

This is an exact copy of  Bergeon  style spring bar tool. The stands for fine fork which allows for compressing spring bars without doing damage to the watch and can be used for a number of other duties such as bracelet removal.

This is a very well made spring bar tool absolutely worthy of the money invested.

This tool is a pleasure to use. 

  • One doubled ended tip: one side forked, the other pointed
  • One single ended tip: forked and slightly curved for use on larger or heavier watch bands
  • Forked tips measure 1.20 and 4.0mm, Pointed tip measures .80mm
  • Tool is nickel plated and Swiss made
  • Reversible Pin Ø0.80mm & Fork Ø1.20mm
  • With 6mm angled fork
  • Knurled handle
  • Solid feel, good quality
  • Gripping with chuck
  • Handle length: 110mm
  • Perfect for removing spring bars from any watch!

Ref: #2087


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