Measurement Spring Bar Tool - Black Color


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  • Measurement Spring Bar Tool - Black Color
  • Measurement Spring Bar Tool - Black Color
This stainless steel small sized Spring Bar / Pin removal tool is on the work benches of most watch repair persons. The tool is made of plastic/rubber and steel, plus it comes with two steel ends, one forked end for spring bar removal and a plain end for pin removal, these tips are NOT removable. Ideal for any watch enthusiast who loves to change out their watch bands
  • Spring Bar Tool for Watches – has two design features.
  • Great For removing, installing and adjusting watch straps
  • One side of the tool is used for removing/installing spring bars – other side is for micro hole adjustments
  • Can be used to install steel, NATO, rubber, and leather watch straps!
  • Ø0.80mm pin
  • 3mm wide fork
  • Hexagonal black acrylic handle
  • Graduated in mm for measuring distance between lugs
  • Length: 150mm
  • Weight 30gms
  • Travel Sized

Ref: #2088

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